• The Edinbothy




    a luxury vacation home in Edinburgh




  • Fàilte (welcome!)

    Since August 2015 we have had the pleasure of welcoming many super guests to the Southside of Edinburgh to stay at the Edinbothy.


    We are very proud of the great reviews and consistently top grades received.


    Any questions just ask us: we would love to hear from you; we would love to see you even more!

  • News: Coming soon!

    After thinking about this for some time, we are thrilled that it's coming soon.... a new bothy in the town.


    We have been searching hard for a great spot and finally found the perfect location. Set in the Lochrin Basin, this one is slap bang in the centre of town. Sean Connery regularly went fishing near here, using his mother's stockings as a net! These days there are better pickings in some of the local Sushi restaurants but if you want to get more out of the canal you can now paddle your way in a canoe the entire way to Glasgow, 54 miles away.


    We are hard at work renovating to get it ready so there is no availability calendar online yet but if you want to enquire in advance just let us know.

  • Comments

    some of our favourite comments

    Anon (December 2017)

    "Ideal place for Edinburgh break. We really enjoyed our stay from the minute we were welcomed by Kathy"

    Ian (August 2017)

    "Had a fantastic stay. Kathy was a wonderful host. She sets the highest standards for her property"

    Anon (August 2017)

    "Kathy is a Pro and that means a lot when something goes wrong. I recommend it highly"

    Roy (July 2017)

    "Edinbothy is a jewel for any family visiting Edinburgh."

    Nathan (May 2017)

    "Kathy was very helpful and made us feel welcome immediately."

    Bruno (April 2017)

    "Lovely flat in a quiet location"

    Cindy (May 2017)

    "The Edinbothy was the perfect place for our family during our week in Edinburgh!"

    Yulia (Apr 2017)

    "We found everything we could possibly wish for in Edinbothy. The beds are fantastic and we had a best sleep ever"

    Gail (Mar 2017)

    "The property was spacious, well appointed and quiet, meaning you get a great nights sleep!


    Cameron (Jan 2017)

    "This is our second stay... we will definitely want to stay again"


    Suzanne (Nov 2016)

    "The best apartment we've ever had in Scotland"


    Mark (Oct 2016)

    "Will be back. Can't recommend it enough"


    YY417 (Oct 2016)

    "Kathy our host is super caring and sweet"


    Jonathan (2016)

    "The owner is extremely gracious and thoughtful and has put a lot of care into creating a wonderful flat that is perfectly located"


    William (Aug 2016)

    "A five star experience"


    Jennifer (May 2016)

    "I can't say enough wonderful things about the thoroughness and thoughtfulness put into beautiful Edinbothy"


    Andrew (Mar 2016)

    "Accommodation exactly as described, very clean and well presented"


    Mark (2016)

    "Had a fantastic time at the Edinbothy... I can totally recommend this place for any family"


    William (2016)

    "Perfect in every way... great location in peaceful urban setting"


    Shevon (Jan 2016)

    "The area was beautiful"


    Cameron (Jan 2016)

    "A really, really nice place"


    Joanna (2016)

    "Well equipped... spotlessly clean"


    Tom (2015)

    "Absolutely first class"


    Christina (Sep 2015)

    "The stay in the Edinbothy was everything we could have asked for"


    Lincoln (2015)

    "Beautiful apartment... location is excellent"


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